3 Things You’ll Want to Know When Coca-Cola Announces Earnings – Motley Fool

3 Things You’ll Want to Know When Coca-Cola Announces Earnings – Motley Fool

The Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) company has had to adjust to changing consumer trends due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are consuming less of the company’s beverages and changing where they drink them. If your memory can go back that far, you may recall that buying a Coke costs much more at a Disney park, or a sports stadium, compared to your grocery store.

Coca-Cola reports its fiscal third-quarter earnings on Oct. 16. Here are three things to look out for when it announces the results. 

Dark soda being poured in a cup.

Coca-Cola is expecting to bounce back from the second-quarter drop in revenue. Image source: Getty Images.

Coca-Cola is hoping to benefit as people start leaving their homes more often 

First, investors will want to evaluate total revenue. In its most recent quarter, net revenue for Coca-Cola declined 28% year on year. In a July 21 news release, CEO James Quincy said: “We believe the second quarter will prove to be the most challenging of the year.” Indeed, as stay-at-home orders continue to get lifted across geographies (with exceptions), people started to venture out of their homes. It is more likely that you will purchase one of the company’s beverages if you are spending time away from home. You may stop at a convenience store when you fill up your car, or perhaps order a drink with your meal at a restaurant.

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