The Case Against Google – The New York Times

The Case Against Google – The New York Times

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Democrats and Republicans in Washington make common cause on few issues these days, but recently they have found a common enemy: Google.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit accusing the tech behemoth of illegally protecting its monopoly over online search services and the ads that run on them, a move that could prove to be the government’s most significant challenge to a tech company’s market power since it took on Microsoft in 1998.

Republican attorneys general from 11 states have signed on to the lawsuit, but it has also earned support from high-profile Democrats like Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Why has Washington united against one of America’s most successful and popular companies, and how could the case change the internet as we know it? Here’s what people are saying.

“Two decades ago,” the lawsuit begins, “Google became the darling of Silicon Valley as a scrappy startup with an innovative way to search the emerging internet. That Google is long gone.” Here are some of the Justice Department’s central complaints: