The Privacy Sandbox And A Pre-emptive Breakup Of Google? – AdExchanger

The Privacy Sandbox And A Pre-emptive Breakup Of Google? – AdExchanger

Alan Chapell

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Today’s column is written by Alan Chapell, president at Chapell & Associates.

Like most of you, I’ve been following Google’s announcement of the Privacy Sandbox, the eventual depreciation of third-parties cookies in Chrome and the regulatory activity taking place against Google and other platforms. And I’m starting to think they may be related.

As of December 2020, Google is dealing with complaints from the U.S. Dept of Justice, the Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom, the Attorneys General of Texas and several other U.S. States and the Consumer and Competition Commission in Australia. And then there’s the 100 million Euro fine recently imposed by the CNIL for Google’s alleged failure to obtain consent for cookies.

Meanwhile, Google’s Chrome team continues to work towards depreciating third-party cookies and creating a new cohort-based ad platform via a W3C Business Group. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. My sense is that Google’s strategy is predicated on three realizations:

  1. A government mandated breakup of Google is likely.
  2. Cookies provide an audit path for regulators – one that may not be accessible via other tracking mechanisms.
  3. The globalization of GDPR (and GDPR-linked consent requirements) will make cookie based display advertising too risky and costly for Google over the long term.